North East Toy Show

The Northeast Connection to Specialty

Trade Show Ventures is a group of Specialty Toy veterans who want to create an opportunity
for local Retailers, Specialty Toy Vendors and Sales Reps to meet in a convenient location.

Our Organization

The Northeast specialty toy trade had lost their Winter trade show and Retailers and Sales Representatives requested a new one to fulfill the vacancy.   Christine and Alan Blumberg started Trade Show Ventures in order to create NETS, thus giving the opportunity for Retailers, Vendors and Reps to grow their mutual business in the first quarter of 2024. 

The New England Game & Kit Day brought together specialty vendors, sales reps, specialty stores and their staff in October of 2022.  The success of that show was the turning point for creating a much larger venue to benefit the entire Northeast toy community.   Christine and Alan Blumberg partnered with industry veteran Lea Culliton, former President of HABA USA and Chairman of the ABC Kids Expo, to create the North East Toy Show (NETS).

Our Mission

Convenience, community and commerce is our mission for NETS.   Our goal is to manage, promote and execute an engaging and efficient toy, gift and game tradeshow. NETS will be a benefit to the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic retailers along with all the reps and vendors within the specialty toy business.  NETS will be the largest toy trade show in New England and is closer to more specialty retailers than any other toy show in the country.

Become a Sponsor

Sponsorships allow vendors the opportunity to drive booth traffic, generate leads, boost sales and increase brand awareness.  NETS has assembled a Sponsorship Kit (link below) to achieve those goals.

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