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NETS offers the rare opportunity to advertise your products at a low cost with high visibility. For the first time in four years, retailers from the Northeast and their staff will be directly accessible to your products and brands. NETS is offering a wide range of affordable and valuable sponsorship opportunities to promote your company, brand image, and new product releases!  Drive retailers to your booth with signage throughout the Mass Mutual Center!

With the support of ASTRA, Christine and Alan created Trade Show Ventures and hosted the first ever, supremely successful North East Game and Kit Day in September of 2022. The support of ASTRA of the success of that one day Game & Kit event gave them the confidence to begin the adventure of creating the North East Toy Show in February 2024. Trade Show Ventures will also host a second annual 2024 North East Game and Kit Day in the fall of 2024. Generous sponsorships will help us to create an enjoyable and productive show for everyone involved. The Retailers are anxious and excited to have another major buying show in their own backyard. NETS will definitely be an order writing show, the first opportunity in the Northeastern region for retailers and their staff to see new items, play new games, meet new vendors and meet with existing vendors. Your sponsorship dollars will help offset food/beverage costs, making it more convenient for the retailers and the tradeshow exhibitor staff to remain engaged on the show floor. And because we are a brand new, relatively small show in comparison, our sponsorship opportunities are very affordable by every size of manufacturer/brand. Again, we thank you for your support.

If your company would like to Sponsor NETS please write to Info@NEToyShow.com OR Log into your Exhibitor Portal to view, select and purchase a sponsorship.

Log into your exhibitor portal to purchase a sponsorship. 

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